"All thanks to Andy Lloyd from SKIGH Athletics. [He] Really helped me get my bounce up more and more. There y'all go. He's the secret."

Talek Williams

Central Connecticut State Guard 

Jon Bellion
Beautiful Mind + SKIGH

"All thanks to SKIGH Athletics."

5'7" Instagram Dunker

"Your free program really helped me and I'm grabbing rim now at just 5'6"."

5'6" Instagram Dunker

"I really appreciate your videos, they're super helpful and motivating. I'm 16 years old, 6' and have been training for about 4 months. Got my first dunk recently! By the way, thx so much for investing time into your viewers. God Bless :)"
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"Hey man love your videos I tried your workouts and got some great gains from doing them I started last year being able to touch just under the rim on the loop that holds the mesh and now I can grab the rim with 2 hands."
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"Do the SKIGH Athletics Program that helped me and [it's] still helping me."

​​YouTube Subscriber

Bill Kont

"Around February of this year I had a 16 inch vert then this video came around in May and I decided to change my life! At my school I had a workout class and the day I seen this video everything changed! It's not November and my vertical is about 21 inches and I'm still going :)"
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Tom Rideout

"Yo I hit a 360 on 9.5 [feet] and I just started your program! I've been doing traditional deadlifts for so long I find the sumo style so much better for the hips."
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"I'm really looking forward to work with you to increase my full vertical potential; your videos are amazing!"

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"I just watched your How-To-Jump-Off-Of-Two-Feet Progressions from a few months ago on YouTube a couple days ago. And I've been practicing the whole motion for a couple days now and today I just started jumping with it. I play soccer, I'm 5'4" and the top of the crossbar is of the goal is 8'4"-8'5" and after practice I just went up and jumped, using your technique, and got me head either to, or over the top of the crossbar. That means after actually trying to jump off of two feet for the first time, I got about 36-37 inches off the ground. That's insane. Thank you so much."
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"Loving the jumping technique progression videos. I've been looking for something like this for a long time to sort of fix my final step out and never been able to find anything this in depth." 

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Talek Williams

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