As a shorter basketball player, I grew up spending most of my time developing my ball handling skills and shooting form. I always thought of dunking as another 2-points, but that's because I never dunked!

Although it was my dream to dunk, I didn't think someone of my stature or size could ever complete the task; I wouldn't even know where/how to

begin training even if I wanted to. I wasn't flexible or muscular and I grew up very overweight.

As I was recovering from a broken foot and a pulled hamstring in April

2013, I weighed 213lbs. This is when I decided I was going to get in shape but I needed a reason to start training & when I started doing my research on how I could increase my vertical. This eventually branched into nutrition, stretching, jumping exercises, weight lifting routines and everything more.


When my foot and hamstring were completely healed, I could barely dunk on an 8'6"rim, I could bench 225lbs. (I started lifting upper body in 7th grade), I could onlysquat 185lbs. (properly) and I deadlift 185lbs.

Today, I can bench 225lbs. for 22 reps and 330lbs. for 1 rep. I can squat

415lbs. below parallel and box shut 545lbs. I can also deadlift 505lbs. 

I accomplished all of those lifts weighing in around 185lbs.


I can easily dunk on a 10' rim and so far I can tomahawk (one- and

two-handed, 360, windmill and reverse with two hands. I am also

currently battling with a between-the-legs dunk, as well!

After tirelessly searching for training programs online, I decided that my best option for an all-inclusive program was to "simply" create one while I took the journey myself.

And then, on January 21, 2019, I had a life-threatening seizure. After waking up in the ambulance, I was told of what happened and was shocked to say the least.


That night, I was told that the MRI had found 2 brain tumors; one tumor was a over 3.5" in size and the other one was 1.5" in size and spiderwebbed across both halves of my brain.


On February 7, 2019, I would have the larger tumor remove where I would be told just one week later that I had Stage 3 Brain Cancer.

On February 22, 2019 I had the smaller tumor removed and would begin my recovery process which involved medications, radiation and chemotherapy that would last until the end of the year.

The side effects for the first surgery were scary: The tumor was located by the part of the brain that manages your speech and personality so I could have woken up and been a completely different person along with needing speech therapy just to be able to put sentences together.

The second surgery's side effects were just as scary as the tumor was located near and even looked as if it had wrapped around an artery in the brain that controls lower body movement. I was told I could have woken up from surgery paralyzed or would never regain full strength in my legs.. ever.

The image of the dunk below was taken less than 6 months after my 2nd surgery.

During this time, I had gained over 30lbs., I had no physique, I wasn't allowed to sweat or lift over 10lbs. for a month and I couldn't make it up the stairs on my own - let alone dunk a basketball.​ However, I was able to manipulate my workouts and get back to dunking within about 5 months after my 2nd surgery.

Most people see a 5'8" person who can dunk and immediately assume, "Genetics." But, this is not the case. I am the shortest out of all my male cousins and uncles and they couldn't dunk!


Skigh Athletics offers a complete and intricate program that allows all athletes to reach their full potential with different, specific training cycles all with different set counts, rep counts, jumping plyometrics and points of emphasis in order to assure the body never plateaus on the journey to reaching your maximum vertical jump potential.


I came up with this program after over 5 years of trial and error not only on myself, but on dozens of clients I worked with in person and hundreds of clients online. Throughout these 5 years of continued research and testing, I have developed an elite formula for all athletes at any size to reach their full vertical and athletic potential.

Andrew P. Lloyd | Skigh Athletics

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