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Thanks to my man Andy Lloyd! He really helped me get my  bounce up more and more. There you go... he really is the secret!

2017 Allen Iverson Roundball Classic Dunk Contest Winner


The program Andy put together has not only helped me increase my overall athleticism and basketball IQ, but also gave me a better understanding of how my body operates and how to properly care for it. I recommend Skigh to any athlete who feels they're not reaching their full athletic potential and want an edge on all future opponents. 


Gabriel Kurek

This online program helped me gain 9" in my vertical in less than 3 months!!

The image above shows Gabriel's vertical before he started the Skigh training and then his vertical 11 weeks later!


Luke Burits

At age 32 and at 5'11", I was able to throw down my first dunk thanks to Andy's program. His strength training protocol and adjustments to my jumping mechanics took me to a new level. I'm looking forward to additioonal gains using his techniques!


Virgil Michael

My vertical in December and now (July). I have probably added 8 inches since then. Your workouts and tips on YouTube have helped me a lot! The rim is 10' and I am 5'9".

Get the Vertical you deserve!


Jumping Plyometrics

Add the most effective way of training to jump higher to your routine.

Coach Andy demonstrates new jumping plyometrics every single month to ensure your body never plateaus.


The perfect schedule

Skigh Programs include full warm-ups, exercises & stretches for each workout. Every week includes 4 days of training and 2 active recovery days to keep your body feeling fresh.


Strength training

Follow the strength protocols that took Coach Andy from a 22" max vertical to a 42"+ max vertical.

Feel safe knowing he shows you how to safely & effectively perform every lift.

 No Limits.
Norma Dunk Skigh Logo.PNG
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