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Skigh Athletics offers Online Vertical Training that was developed by me, Andy Lloyd.


I trained myself to go from never touching the rim to throwing down windmills at just 5'8". 

Now, I travel the country (US) and train elite athletes, celebrities and anyone looking to improve their vertical jump.

Best of all, I have created an online program that is now used around the world and available to you!

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My Personal WhatsApp Number

This allows us to have constant communication so I can ensure your lifting & jumping technique is correct.

Meet Me - Your Coach

An initial phone call to talk about your personal goals along with monthly 

check-in calls for updates.

Mobile-Friendly Program

You get full access to private membership videos, my 60pg. pdf & the program on any device regardless of where you are.

6 Months of Workouts

Your one-time purchase gets you a 6-Month Program with your training style changing every month so that your body doesn't ever plateau.

Exclusive Video Access

Membership video access along with direct video requests for any muscle or joint stretching & recovery.

Verified Testimonials

Clients tested personally & online with consistent gains on their vertical jump, strength and overall athleticism.

Weight Lifting & Jumping Plyometrics

Weight Lifting & Jumping Plyometrics

The only way to reach your maximum vertical potential is by combining strength training and strategic jumping plyometrics. 

We'll progressively challenge and improve your central nervous system while recovering two-days per week with exclusive active recovery routines.


Skigh Athletics is a company focused on increasing an athlete's vertical jump, strength & conditioning as well as their overall athleticism.


Head trainer, Andy Lloyd, travels the country to help collegiate & high school athletes and even celebrities to increase their vertical.

Click below to learn more about the Online Vertical Training Program that Skigh Athletes use to take their bounce to the next level!


Skigh Athletics helps athletes in more ways than just increasing their vertical jump.

We help elite athletes (like Talek Williams) not only jump higher, but jump 100% pain-free from any knee or quad pain.

Skigh Athletics continues to help athletes of all ages get their very first dunk both in person and through our Online Training.


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