May 3, 2018

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Why Overtraining is a Myth

May 10, 2018


A lot of people tend to ask me this question and I'll refer them to a previous video I made but I guess I left it more "up in the air" and almost left them more confused than even before they watched the video. To put it simply, overtraining is a myth. Your body will adjust to whatever you put it through and end up recovering faster and stronger if you do it on a consistent basis. This doesn't mean that you should be training for 14 hours a day at a crazy intensity. In fact, most of the people I talk to about overtraining are the ones who don't train enough. They'll say, "I don't want to get too big," or, "I just want to look normal; I don't want to ruin my body." First, you won't look "too big" with that type of attitude already, trust me, it won't happen. Second, if you have no season or event to prepare for, I truly believe that training as often as possible is an extremely effective approach. Put the hours in at the right places, though! Listen to this video for some more explanation! 


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