May 3, 2018

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SKIGH Gym: The End of an Era

May 7, 2018

Over the last 10 years in this basement, I transformed my body, mind and, of course, my vertical. I put 20" on my max vert, took my bench went from 85lbs. to 325lbs., my squat from 65lbs. to 415lbs. and my deadlift from 185lbs. (started deadlifting later in 2013) to 508lbs, I started lifting weights in 2008 after I got a Bench Press Set from Sears from my oldest sister. I got some weights, a few dumbbells and made it a point to stay fit. As I got older and outgrew my equipment, I flipped my old stuff and ended up making money so that I could buy nicer machines. This video will show you my beautiful, full gym. As I travel more, I realize how big of a space I'm wasting in my house. I also go to Matryx Performance in Allentown, PA whenever I'm home so there's no need for this! Sometimes, you have to let go to move onto bigger and better things! Keep grinding and hug any of your home equipment for me today, please.


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