May 3, 2018

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Basic Prep the Day Before a Dunk Session

May 1, 2018

Being sore from a dunk session I had yesterday, there needs to be a strategy behind how I prepare for another dunk session tomorrow (two days later in total). Right now, I don't really have my "Summer legs" which means I can't just go dunk whenever and wherever at the moment. I'll start off the day with my water, green smoothie and coffee. I had a bagel and a roll for a few extra carbs before I cut my lawn in my sweatshirt and sweatpants. After that, I sweat it out just casually shooting around. I'll finish the night by going on a walk for about 2 miles and then coming back, softball rolling my muscles out, stretching and then soaking in an ice bath. Then, I'll put an all natural cream on my sore muscles (legs, low back, mid back, etc.). When I wake up tomorrow, I'll go on a light walk and then have my green smoothie, coffee and water all before 9PM so that I'm light and ready to go at 1PM. I will have attempts of an eastbay tomorrow! Stay tuned and keep working! 


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