May 3, 2018

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Best 3 Workouts to Increase Your Vert

April 5, 2018

As obvious as it might seem to me, some people always want to know things I focus on in my training to increase my vertical. Again, there is more to this than just loading up weight and going through this training. There has to be a strategic approach to your training when you're looking to add inches onto your vertical. Again, check out the way I organize my programs through the free program off this site and read the descriptions of my advanced programs to see what's offered in them! With my short book (PDF), Excel Version, Mobile-Friendly Version workouts backed by videos only SKIGH Members can see, putting several inches on your vertical couldn't be made more convenient for you! Check out my YouTube for technique on training! Check out my Instagram for some raw dunk mixes in the near future: SKIGHathletics. Keep working!


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