May 3, 2018

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Box Squatting 455lbs.

March 30, 2018

Check out my vlog as I walk you through my 405lb., 425lb. and 455lb. box squat this past week. Had I not been so fatigued from jumping just 2 days earlier, I think I would've loaded up at least 475lbs. And, I'm definitely coming for that quarter-ton mark on box squats before the year is over. I love that my passion has turned into my profession; I don't think I would've made a complete comeback from my injury last year (April 7th) if I weren't able to put all of my physical and mental energy into my training. I started training close to 5 years ago around this time and I am pretty much exactly where I wanted to be/where I said I would be. In 5 years from now, I want to be benching 365lbs., squatting 465lbs., box squatting 525lbs. and deadlifting 555lbs. My goals with no timeline on them are a 405lb. bench press, 500lb. squat, 550lb. box squat and a 600lb. deadlift. I want to complete all of these lifts weighing around 185lbs. Again, no pre-workout, no protein powder and definitely nothing beyond that! I often get asked how I maintain a smaller physique while performing all of thee lifts that bigger guys do and it's really simple: I'm consistent, I'm all natural (hence my smaller physique) and I have a killer mindset that my brother (and his friends) helped me develop at a young age. I might offer this part of my book for free, but in any advanced programs you get a PDF explaining the program as well as videos that go along with all of your workouts. But, I also talk a little bit about growing up and how I became so competitive and obsessed with progress. My brother started putting me through some training around 6th grade for speed, agility, reaction time and even some weight lifting (focused heavily on technique). He went to as many games as he could and noticed how nice I was on the court but I'll never forget him talking to me before the first game of my 7th grade season. He told me that I can be as nice and kind as I want to be off the court but that once that ref throws up the jump-ball to start the game, my mentality has to switch. This was extremely easy to do considering the countless number of games I had played against him and his friends. I can vividly recall watching his friends verbally and physically attacking each other on the field, but, once that final play was over, it was like nothing had happened. So, before the first few games of the season, I would look at my brother in the stands and he would "flip" an imaginary switch on his head - near his temple; I never played sports the same way again in my life. Most of my friends know me for being wildly competitive and, to be completely honest, just a completely different human being in sport. I explained all of this because when I get up to that bar for squat, bench or deadlift, I gather any negative energy I have and put it into that lift. I've been doing this for close to 5 years now and I don't think there's a better therapy for my mind or body in this world. So, there's a quick look into my mindset! Email me if you'd want to read this part of my book; I'll send you that part for free!


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