May 3, 2018

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325lb. Bench Press at 180lbs.!

March 28, 2018

April 7th of 2017 I suffered a high level 2 AC Shoulder Sprain. After reading countless stories online and hearing from other athletes or people who've had it, I NEVER thought I'd ever bench press pain-free ever again...let alone* hit a PR within a year of my injury! It took over 8 months for me to bench pain-free and to start adding weight. But, I trusted the process, kept a positive mindset, kept a consistent diet and it was worth every second of it. Sometimes I feel like you need a wake up call in whatever you're doing. In this case, it was the difference between me choosing SKIGH as a hobby and letting this injury shape who I'd end up being forever, or, it could remind me how much I love doing this and that it's way more than just a hobby.


I chose the latter.


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