May 3, 2018

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Back to Dunking Off the Dribble!

March 7, 2018

A cold day in PA, loosely tied shoes that aren't* my basketball shoes plus some tightness from training the day before and I still caught a few dunks off the dribble on 10'. I write all of those things down not as excuses, but just as something very exciting to look forward to when it's warmer outside, my weight gets down to where I want it and my training is somewhat caught up for the lost time from the injury. Overall, feeling pretty well lately. I'd definitely love some warm weather to sweat like crazy and to actually feel warm/loose during my training. This ridiculous weather is literally like putting a rubber band in the freezer and trying to fling it across a football field... It's not the most ideal situation, but, the results will pay off in the summer! Took a different route towards a more personal blog today but more instructional FREE content and programs coming soon!


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