May 3, 2018

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Back to Dunking! First Dunk Session in FOREVER

February 28, 2018

Finally, a video with new dunks in it. It was a colder day in PA but I still wanted to go throw some dunks down. It (literally) took me 2.5 hours to feel warm enough to start jumping. I'm still in my "Winter shape" so I have some weight to trim down and conditioning to get done, but, the springs are feeling pretty smooth for this time of the year! I'm happy that dunking felt as easy as it did given the circumstances of the day. But, you have to be able to jump whenever and wherever if you want to actually become a true athlete! Even though, warming up and having decent conditions is always fun to ball out in! Leave a comment on my YouTube or Instagram and ask me some questions or tell me what dunks you'd want to see me hit in Summer 2018!


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