May 3, 2018

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Tunnel Vision Focus for 2018

January 2, 2018

Unlike most people during the extended part of the New Year, I know I'll be exactly where I want to be. Now, I hope that when you're reading this you don't take it as me being cocky or arrogant; I just know what has to be done to complete my goals and, being in my 5th year of training, I know there's nothing that's going to stop me but me. Now, if you at all pay attention to my previous YouTube videos or have read my other posts on here, you know that I suffered from an AC Shoulder Sprain on April 7, 2017. Why is this still relevant now? Well, last month was the first month I've actually felt "normal" during my training. In July, I had one dunk session after 3-4 weeks of training. During this session, I started off feeling awful but I did manage to muster up some energy for a [sloppy] windmill. After this session, my body was in complete shock. My back felt terrible, my right (injured) shoulder was swollen and my left leg was nearly immobile. The doctor I went to told me that my injury was so severe that even me walking and continuing to train (like the genius that I am) temporarily realigned my vertebrae. This temporary realignment caused a massive muscle compensation which is why my left leg suffered so terribly. So, after what was supposed to be my breakout year turned into the biggest "bust" of my dunking/jumping [YouTube/Social Media] career, how am I so unrealistically positive and optimistic? Again, if you've been following me or know me, I talk about dunking between-the-legs as my final goal for dunking. In 2016, I had dozens of close attempts with great height on my jumps but in 2017 I didn't even get to attempt it one time. 2017 was going to be the year I hit the eastbay dunk and because of an injury caused by someone else during a pickup game, I was unable to attain this goal  The best part about this is that it doesn't even bother me at this point anymore. I fell in love with the process of dunking; I love the training, the dieting, the early mornings and everything in between. If I was just in it for some random trick dunk, I would've walked away years ago. As I digress from this story and aim a little closer towards the title of my YouTube video and the title of this post, I just want to make a few things clear and known. The end goal, isn't the actual goal itself. As "highschool-esque" it may sound, I found out exactly who I was during my training for my vertical. Do I like mornings, can I diet, can I miss parties to train, can I miss junk food desserts for a session tomorrow, can I get injured and come back, can I literally have my entire vert taken from me in 5 seconds, wait 8 months to be able to train and want to do it all over again? To me, this process is the truest form of discipline that I'll ever know. Yea, some things may not go your way and, honestly, some of it might not even be your fault. But, can you take that in mentally, not take it personally and do it all over again? Most random vlog of the year.... Just spitting my thoughts out!

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