May 3, 2018

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Dealing With Jumper's Knee

October 14, 2017

Take a quick listen to my strong opinion and knowledge of the dreaded jumper's knee. A lot of the time, you're really just dealing with large muscle compensations due to consistently using poor jumping technique. How is this solved? Check out this video for pain-free workouts you can do to start strengthening muscles around your knee. Then, head over to my YouTube channel for a stretching routine that will help alleviate some pain from your knee which could be cause by tight muscles pulling certain ligaments and joints in the wrong direction! I have to emphasize that I am NOT a doctor (this information normally shocks people) and that you shouldn't self-diagnose yourself without consulting your physician. Trust me; this is just the safest route and you don't want to think you have jumper's knee when it's really a torn meniscus so just BE CAREFUL. Keep working!


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