May 3, 2018

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First Florida Workout Vlog!

September 16, 2017

Watch my first workout vlog in Tampa as I sweat it out in the heat! This is going to be exactly what I need to take my vertical to the next level. The last thing I needed was to stick around for a PA winter and (unintentionally) bulk - a.k.a. eating because it's fun and I'm bored and it's cold.


Either way, ready to completely rehab from this shoulder and the imbalance it caused that made my left quad compensate for so long and eventually strain itself! Really dialing in on my diet, stretching and the pool right now so I'm extremely optimistic for what the future hold for my overall athleticism and, of course, my vertical.


And, yes, I am still aiming to hit the eastbay before this year ends! Follow the process on Instagram and on my YouTube channel!


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