May 3, 2018

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Fall in Love with the Process of Training

August 22, 2017

In Episode 49 of the SKIGH Vlog, I talk about one of the most common comments, DMs and emails which is everyone asking about how quickly they should see results in training. The biggest part about becoming an athlete is understanding the process it takes to get there. We all see professional sports on TV and are infatuated with how these athletes move. What younger athletes tend to forget is the time that it took these professionals to get to where they're at. Not only is it the daily training and practices they do now, it's the thousands of hours that even got them a tryout with their professional team they're on now. Fall in love with the training you're doing and set daily, weekly and monthly goals for yourself! Don't get intimidated by the big picture; take things day by day and you'll see that that's the best way to get to your final goal. Remember, SKIGH Has No Limits and Get to Work!


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