May 3, 2018

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First Full 10' Dunk Session in 4 Months!

August 13, 2017

Any day I ever go play basketball whether it's to just shoot around, play full-court or just watch some friends play it is nearly impossible for me to not try and throw a few dunks down. I've been on a solid, consistent diet to cut my body fat down while switching over to heavy weight lifting. I'm basically scratching this summer off and focusing on next spring/summer considering the circumstances from my injury. I was essentially walking up to the rim and getting some decent height during this dunk session so I'm fairly excited about how easy dunking was. To be completely honest, I was putting a solid 75% or less effort into this session. I haven't done any eastbay work at all so I was floating out way more than up during those attempts but I can't complain with how it looked for not working on it at all on 10' since last summer. I was also extremely flat and sore for this session; the first week during/after starting to lift extremely heavy tends to make me feel extremely tight. But, the bounce is clearly there so it doesn't matter too much anymore. I'm just unrealistically excited to ever be in front of a crowd and actually performing - which is my goal by the time 2019 ends. SKIGH Has No Limits and Get To Work!


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