May 3, 2018

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Benching 300lbs. - First Time Since March!

August 10, 2017

Episode 39 shows five total sets (one-rep each) of me testing my strength on the bench - one of my most favorite lifts! I got 300lbs. today which isn't terrible considering the situation I'm in with my shoulder and not having benched in months. Along with the tips I talked about in the video, I truly believe my mindset is what carries me through lifts/workouts like this. Before I ever do something, I visualize myself doing it. I pictured myself dunking a basketball millions of times before I ever even touched the net. I will always believe that this is my greatest trait that allows me to do the things that I do: ignorance. I like to compare myself to a small dog that has no clue how big he/she is. I walk up to a 10' rim and feel like it's "literally right there" - that's the phrase I consistently use and I'll continue to do so! As cliché as it may sound, believing in yourself and knowing what you're capable of is the first step of starting any workout program or anything in life! Remember, SKIGH Has No Limits and let's get to work!


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