May 3, 2018

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First EVER One-Foot Dunk Session

August 6, 2017

I've always grown up jumping off of two feet - unless I was going up for a lay-up. Jumping off of one foot has always been a struggle for me and instead of embracing it 4-years ago, I decided to just go with my two-foot plant. Well, I decided that to be the best jump trainer I could possibly be and to really understand my complete craft, I have to learn how to jump off of one-foot. I surprised myself today considering I did plyos yesterday plus heavy deadlifts. I hit most of my normal dunks on 9'6" and to be completely honest I didn't think that I would even get that high... This will be a fun struggle; I anticipate a lot of different pain I've never felt before in my legs considering I never* jump off one foot. My one-year goal is to get a solid slam off-the-dribble off one foot without a self lob (which I don't think would help anyway because my timing is really off). And, by the year 2020, I hope to hit the "rock the cradle" dunk with full-extension, great height and a smooth flush! Follow along for the journey!



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