May 3, 2018

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August 3, 2017

This shoulder injury kept me from deadlifting for over 4 months and today was my first day back into it. I've learned that I fell in love with the results and I was expecting a between-the-legs dunk this summer and I wouldn't have been happy without reaching that specific milestone. But, what I forgot about and what I lost sight of was loving the process itself - like I used to. The injury made me bitter, weak (mentally and physically) and it set me back on my summer goals which made falling back in love with the process that much harder. I did deserve to hit the eastbay (between-the-legs dunk) this  summer considering the work I've put in the last 4-years and the work I put in this past year alone when everything seemed to be clicking perfectly. I lost sight of what I truly loved and that was the day-by-day grind and the satisfaction of every single workout. Even when I was able to lift at about 60%, I only gave it about 10% because I was waiting for the injury to magically go away and for me to show up to the park and hit the eastbay. Unfortunately, I still have a lot of work to do. This is a good lesson, though, because this outstanding and long-lasting injury has taught me how to accept bumps along the way but still not be afraid to reach that final end goal. As I was cutting my lawn today I specifically asked myself and thought about what I want me end goal to truly be. Of course, I want to hit a between-the-legs dunk with some power behind it but I also want to get my discipline back and develop it into everything I do. The focus I have on my stretching, warm-ups and 3-rep sets should be the same focus I have on folding my laundry, cleaning my dishes and everything else I do. I want to own and grow my business globally and if I can't clean my plate correctly after having some eggs then how am I supposed to handle an International Business? This is just some self food for thought as I continue to work! Keep working hard, everyone!



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