May 3, 2018

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Talek Williams - How SKIGH Could STILL Help Someone So Elite

June 6, 2017



I've been hearing about Talek Williams and his dunks since for the last few years while he was growing into an All-Star throughout his high school career. Now, he had always wanted to be able to dunk as a younger kid so I remember him telling me he used to put on a weight vest and do calf raises and other exercises to start building up his bounce. He was also always active on the basketball court and both of these are two huge reasons as to why he has his head at the rim today. But, as his bounce was getting higher and higher, so was the pain in his knees. After watching his highlight dunks from his junior year of AAU and high school, I noticed that his jumping technique was extremely "off". He wasn't getting up off the ground quickly - something college coaches were starting to notice - and he was starting to experience swelling and pain in his knees after playing basketball but especially after games where he was jumping a lot. Now, although Talek did everything correctly growing up and developing himself into an athlete guard, he was experiencing pain because he had never developed a "healthy"/correct two-foot jumping technique. Most of my experiences with incorrect form simply result in a player with a lower vertical than their maximum potential. Although (even though it's hard to believe) that was the case here, Talek had actually managed to pull of insane dunks with an unreal vertical because his body was just overcompensating on different muscles, tendons and ligaments just to get him up in the air. So, we talked over Facebook after he explained the pain he was having and I was extremely optimistic for the opportunity to help such an elite guard. After just one session, Talek easily made the transition into the correct jumping technique and was able to start playing and jumping comfortably again. And, after a few more sessions it was clear to see how comfortable he was with the transition. Most athletes that are already so advanced tend to adapt to the jumping technique that I teach because it is the way the body was meant to jump. There't not wild potions, crazy pre-workout or protein powders that can replace a fundamentally-sound jumping technique. Talek went on to win several dunk contests that summer along with captivating crowds across the country with his in-game performances and explosiveness as well. Talek will be heading to Central Connecticut State to continue his basketball career. I'm glad I got to work with him to develop these healthy habits before things got too late! It's extremely important to understand how the body should work during a two-foot jump (and one-foot). It's safe to say that you'll see Talek on ESPN Top Ten a few times in his career!


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