May 3, 2018

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Kayden Walschburger Making Presence Felt

February 20, 2017


Kayden started training personally with Andy Lloyd, head trainer of SKIGH Athletics, in May of 2016. Without being able to walk pain-free, he was eager to get into the weight room and back on the court to see what he was capable of doing for his senior season. Due to swelling in his knees, Kayden's minutes were limited his junior year and the end of the season was especially rough for him as he had to endure high levels of pain on the court.

Kayden worked out 6-days a week with 100% focus and intensity and worked hard enough to play some of his Summer League games as a senior (just 6 weeks after training with SKIGH Athletics). He was a huge factor in some games whether it was spotting up for the three-pointer, driving to the bucket to dish out assists, or having to guard one of the best offensive players on the other team. After nearly 4-months of training with SKIGH Athletics and some simple, yet effective, knee treatment (no surgery, needles or lasers) Kayden made the starting line-up and immediately began making his impact felt throughout the league. 

Follow Kayden and Whitehall High School (near Allentown, PA) as they start districts February 23, 2017!


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