May 3, 2018

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What does "No Limits" mean to you?

August 5, 2016



I've been playing basketball ever since I could walk. If I had the option between going to play with the neighborhood kids or shooting/doing dribbling drills, I chose shooting and dribbling drills 98% of the time. I just love(d) basketball, I'm a perfectionist and ironically enough you'll never make 100% of your shot attempts so it ended up working out pretty well for me (even though I did used to dream of practicing enough to never, ever miss another shot). 


I was always extremely active as a child but I loved junk food - soda in particular - just as much as I loved basketball. My family recalls me playing 3rd grade basketball, dribbling down the court and other kids trying to steal the ball but "bouncing" off of me. I was a shooter and nothing else up until I started doing some training with my brother going into 6th grade. He let me tag along to the gym with him and his friends and I haven't looked back since. He was extremely fit at the time and all of his friends played D1 or D2 football so needless to say, they could move some weight. I remember watching them move weight so easily and just wishing one day I could get close to it; his is where my positive and stubborn mindset was created. I'm a firm believer in the phrase, "The same water that soften the potato, hardens the egg." 


Growing up in this athletic, competitive environment did nothing but motivate me to get better every single day. 


But, I could never jump and people always loved reminding me the fact that, "You'll never dunk." I heard all of the same things: You're too short, stocky, chubby and white were the most popular ones.


For a while I just thought that this was all too true. I had never personally seen anyone my size dunk and I always just thought people online were an exception to the norm (which they are). So, I focused on shooting, dribbling and just becoming a good basketball player and avoiding jump training. I always just told myself dunking was only worth two-points - and that's because I couldn't dunk.


This is where this phrase comes from. No Limits. I listened to what everyone else said and I limited myself to their thoughts and created them to be my own. 


I started training at the age of 18 years old and I could dunk on an 8'8" rim and nothing higher. I did trick dunks on a 7'8" rim and thought, again, that that was where it would all end; trick dunks are just too difficult and I'm too short, I have no wingspan...


This carried on two-years into my training. I got my first two-handed dunk about 10 months after using my own training program. Immediately after that, I thought that was it and I actually stopped my training completely!


I realized that I wanted more. My one video had 17 likes on Instagram, I got no views on YouTube (I actually took the video down) and the internet didn't break like I thought it would... 


This is when I took my diet and training to a completely different level and ever since then I've been working to be the best possible dunker/jumper I could be and this is where I'm at with my progress!


All in all, the only limits that you have are the ones you set for yourself in your mind. I have a client, Dominic Bellucci, who just psyched himself on the 9'8" rim. So, I told him to get reps in on the 9'2" rim to get confidence and he was throwing it down with ease. Then, when he wasn't looking, I put the rim up; he had absolutely no idea. He ran up and threw it down with crazy force. I immediately told him and after that moment, I haven't seen him doubt himself since.


Check out my progress video and feel free to share it on any social media site!


Work hard and remember that this SKIGH has No Limits.




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