For this program, we'll have upper and lower body splits. This means, twice a week you'll focus on your jumpibng plyometrics and then finish with strength training for your legs. For the other two days of training, you'll be doing focusing on upper body and core strength. This is the perfect schedule for someone who may be too sore to lift legs the day after they do their jumping plyometrics. It's also a great style of training to stick to so that you constantly feel fresh and ready for each of your workouts.


This is called Base Strength because we're not diving into the heavy weight training that happens in Phase 5 & Phase 6. We'll be supersetting most of our compound lifts and exercises. Phase 4 is perfect for even the most elite athletes because it's exactly the 4-5 weeks of training you need before you get back to those heavy weights. This is the phase I suggest the most to any athlete coming off of a long season but is experienced enough to pass through the first three phases.


This program does require access to a weight room.


This training program lasts anywhere from 4-6 weeks depending on how long you'd like to push your body throuh this specific style of training. This program is just one phase (of six) that can be found in my Full 6-Month Online Vertical Training Program.


With this purchase, you'll recieve passwords to the Membership, Warm-up, ARD (Active Recovery Day) and Phase 1: The Prep pages. Here, you'll be able to listen to Andy explain every day of the program step-by-step. You'll also have access to a video that demonstrates each of the jumping plyometrics listed in your program for this month.

Base Strength (Phase 4)

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    6-Month Program

    •  4 Days Per Week  

    • 2 Days of Active Recovery​​

    • Requires access to a Weight Room

    • Explosive Jumping Plyometrics

    • Written warm-ups, workouts and stretches for every workout with set and rep counts listed

    • Exclusive Member Videos that demonstrate all of the exercises along with walking you through each phase   

    1-on-1 Virtual Training

    • 4 Days Per Week

    • 2 Days of Active Recovery

    • An initial phone call to talk about you

    • Workouts are specific to your needs as an athlete

    • Available for all age groups

    • Exercises adjusted to any equipment you have available

    • My personal phone number with constant check-ins

    • Full jumping technique breakdown & analysis with drills specific to helping you correct it