Get the most out of online training by getting a 4-week customized program made by head trainer and owner of Skigh, Andy Lloyd. Whether you're a beginner athlete or a professional athlete, Andy will make you the most comprehensive and intricate program to take your vertical and overall athleticsm to the next level. You'll get Andy's personal phone number so that you can stay in touch and make sure you're getting the most out of this virtual training experience. Andy will analyze your jumping technique and provide a full analysis and breakdown along with plyometrics and footwork drills to help correct what you're doing incorrectly. Worked can be tailored around the equipment you may or may not have access to so this makes the training available to athletes of all ages. You'll get the same 1-on-1 attention elite dunkers like Talek Williams and even artists/ producers Jon Bellion got from Andy Lloyd. Reach your full athletic and vertical potential with Andy Lloyd & Skigh Athletics!

1-on-1 Online Training


    6-Month Program

    •  4 Days Per Week  

    • 2 Days of Active Recovery​​

    • Requires access to a Weight Room

    • Explosive Jumping Plyometrics

    • Written warm-ups, workouts and stretches for every workout with set and rep counts listed

    • Exclusive Member Videos that demonstrate all of the exercises along with walking you through each phase   

    1-on-1 Virtual Training

    • 4 Days Per Week

    • 2 Days of Active Recovery

    • An initial phone call to talk about you

    • Workouts are specific to your needs as an athlete

    • Available for all age groups

    • Exercises adjusted to any equipment you have available

    • My personal phone number with constant check-ins

    • Full jumping technique breakdown & analysis with drills specific to helping you correct it